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Sixth Avenue Studios creates unique content personalised to your brand, and turns them into beautiful imagery and video.  We strive to create creative concepts and imaginative solutions, to bring your brand to life. Our meticulous eye for detail has seen us develop an extensive portfolio, including some of Australia’s leading industry names. Our content ranges from set design, on-location, still life, branded content, homes & interior projects.

We Create Stunning Content For:


Styling | Curated & Organic

At Sixth Ave, we curate distinctive and unique props, furniture, homewares, and art to elevate the design of each project and match the brief of or clients.


Our expertise includes studio, on-location set design and prop styling. We also specialise in art direction, styling, and photography for still life and flat lay content, with clients spanning beauty, lifestyle, food, and interior design industries.

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Photography | Detailed & Refined

Sixth Ave's in-house photography specialises in high-quality, impactful images that meet the dynamic needs of our clients.


Our photography compliments our styling perfectly, with a focus on detail and refinement. We collaborate closely with our clients to achieve their creative vision and goals.


With experience in shooting products, interiors, brands, and social media content, we are able to deliver stunning images that achieve more for our clients.


Video | Dynamic & Engaging

We are one of few creative houses that also specialise in high quality video content, allowing Sixth Avenue to be a truly full service creative studio. We specialise in high end and cinematic video to grab the attention of audiences and deliver the key messages of your band or campaign.


We adapt our strategies based on the audience we are targeting and the platform we are delivering to in order to create a fully dynamic content offering which is successful in achieving engagement and marketing results.


Our videos stand out from the rest, presenting a distinct level of quality which is rarely replicated by others. Whether it’s a 15 second reel or a full fledged commercial, we deliver consistent quality and results every time. 


Social Media | Strategic & Flexible

At Sixth Avenue, we understand the importance of a strong social media presence for businesses in today's digital age. That's why we offer comprehensive social media services to help our clients maximise their engagement and reach. Whether it's creating your own content or utilising ours, we offer customisable packages that can elevate your brand's social media presence.


Our social media services cover all aspects of social media marketing, including content planning, campaigns, ad management, and design. We also provide strategic advice to ensure that our clients are making the most out of their social media platforms.


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